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rtant to your health. Our mission is to educate and bring awareness to our community about physical fitness. We provide several events throughout the year as well as a worksite wellness program.

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Check Out This New Event!! 

Saturday, October 11, 2014   8:00am

Thanks to all who put on the first annual Mud Run. It was a tremendous event!! 

Cant wait till next year!! 

Fitness for Life Around Grant County (FFLAG) a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization and its partner, the Northern Kentucky Health Department, were the recipients of a grant earlier this year from the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. The grant is called “Investing in Kentucky’s Future” – and that future investment is for the children in this community. From all input gathered, the FFLAG “Starting with Children” initiative was created to address childhood obesity and implement positive change in our youth ages 5 to 18 that will also impact the extended families and communities of these children.

For a look how you can help please go to our "Starting With Children" page

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