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 Welcome to FFLAG. We hope to provide you with information you find important to your health. Our mission is to educate and bring awareness to our community about physical fitness. We provide several events throughout the year as well as a worksite wellness program.

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The Community

JB Miller Park Clean up

Boy scouts along with many other volunteers helped build playgrounds and restore Webb Park

Lots of people from the community came to sign up for this year's Biggest Winner!

What FFLAG is up to in the community....

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Fitness For Life Around Grant County (FFLAG) donated a Bike Rack to the Grant County Park on Thursday, September 22, 2011.
FFLAG Members, Leslee Stovall, Mary Catlett, Joyce Doyle, Cody Durr, Jacqalynn Riley, Debby Angel, and Jeff Walters, gathered to dedicate the Bike Rack to the Grant County Park. FFLAG’s mission is to educate and bring awareness to the community about physical fitness. A bike rack in the park encourages people to ride their bikes to the park increasing physical fitness around the community. 

Joyce Doyle representing FFLAG (Fitness For Life Around Grant County) gives Deputy Sheriff, Lee Jacobs, a check for $625.00 to be used for the purchase of bicycles to help support the Bike Rodeo events. Jacobs is the Resource Officer for all Grant County Schools. FFLAG is a local group that encourages physical activity and good nutrition.

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